Genre - Progressive Death

    Location - Charlotte, NC

    Members - 

    Tony Davis
    Dalton Holland
    Kevin Pearce
    Chris Deitz
    Jackson Owens.


    Fuck. I feel like I owe Kairos an apology for not listening to their music sooner. These guys are fucking epic, and I don't use that term lightly. Progressive death metal is never "kinda good". It's either good....or it sucks. I'm not one to shy away from calling a band out when I feel they could do better, either. But with Kairos, there's no worries. These guys really redefine the genre itself, moving seamlessly from heavy-as-fuck, fast, pounding death metal, over to an ethereal, almost tranquil melodic sound. I'm reminded of Theatre of Tragedy, though more thrashier. I actually feel like shit that I've lived in Charlotte for almost 4 years and did not hear this band til now. It's almost sinful. I have determined that the next show I have the opportunity, I'm seeing Kairos live as a means of atonement. You should too.

    No videos....but soon.